Apollo Rewards points

The Apollo Rewards Points Program

How to get rewards points:
Place and order: Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
Account Creation: 20 points
Subscribe to our newsletter: 20 points
It's your birthday!: 100 points
How to use points:
20 points = $1

How do reward points work and how to redeem them?

To redeem:

Log into your account

On the bottom right of the screen click the red rewards button

Click Redeem points

Slide the bar to the number of points you want to redeem (in increments of 20). Click redeem and you will receive a coupon code to use (it will also be sent to your email if you want to use it at a later time). You will need to make sure to apply the coupon code at checkout.


Adding birthdate:

Click the rewards button

Click how to earn points







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