Vape Flavors Variety Is The Spice Of Vaping Life

How many vape flavors are there? The variety and combinations are almost endless. Flavors can stand alone or work in harmony with other flavors. As an example, strawberries provide wonderful flavor all on their own. But mix strawberries with raspberries and apples then you are in for a real treat! Everyone is different and everyone has their favorites. And you can find all of your favorite vape liquid flavors right here at Apollo.

When a smoker switches from smoke to vapor, it is common to do so with a tobacco flavor. However, over time many people move on to fruit and dessert flavors. The variety of vape flavors is important because it offers adult tobacco consumers a range of options instead of just smoking or tobacco flavors. Variety is indeed the spice of life, and vape life! We do not make or name flavors to attract underage users. Our flavors are intended for adults only.

The best vape flavors don’t happen by accident! There is planning, testing, focus groups, more testing, and so it goes. It is both an art and a science. Flavors aside, it is vital that the ingredients and blending process occur in a professional setting and with total precision. What is e-liquid? E-liquid is the liquid that is converted to vapor and inhaled. Anything that is ingested needs to be made to the highest standards. There is a lot that goes into making e-juice. And we don’t miss any steps. Our customers love our flavors and always ask us how we do it. The best vape flavors start with figuring out the ideal e-juice recipes.

E-Juice Recipes

The top vape flavors are the result of perfecting the e-juice recipes. Pre-packaged flavors are one way to go but then the vape flavor is the same as everyone else’s. And kind of ordinary too. The best way to create the best vape flavor is to make it yourself. To be true to the authenticity that everyone wants. There really is only one way to truly capture authentic flavors. And it is not from pre-packaged formulations.

The best way to create authentic flavor is to go to the source! Using the real flavor as the baseline is the best way to start. But to do that, a professional lab setting and trained chemists are required. At Apollo, we have our own state of the art lab facility designed and operated by chemistry PhDs! By the way, those chemistry PhDs also happen to be passionate vapers. And they insist on quality and authenticity.

Once a flavor is developed, that does not mean that it is ready for prime time. Instead, we invite multiple focus groups to test each flavor. Our team does so knowing that they may have to go back to the drawing board. We are always prepared to do so. We have our own facility which gives us the flexibility to challenge ourselves and go through several cycles of trial and error. Once a flavor has been through the process and been vaper approved, then it is ready to go. Every flavor that goes through our doors must meet the absolute highest standards.



Fruit Flavors

Many of the most popular vape flavors are fruit flavors. Fruits can be sweet, bitter, tart, and tangy. Mix them up and you get a symphony of flavors in one. As mentioned earlier, the amazing thing about fruit flavors is that they are awesome by themselves and in concert with other fruit flavors. Fruit and dessert combinations are also delightful. Surveys indicate that fruit flavors are the most popular in the vaping community. It makes sense, we love fruit flavors!

There are fruit flavored beer and spirits. Most desserts involve a combination of fruit and a pastry. Fruit flavored drinks and smoothies have spawned entire chains of businesses to sell them. Human beings like fruit in soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. We even love the smell of fruits. It is clear that our civilization likes to use fruits in every way imaginable. Why? It all starts back at the beginning. Because fruits taste good. It is that simple!

Fruit vape flavors come in almost every combination that you can imagine. At Apollo, we have dozens and dozens of fruit vape e-juice flavors to choose from. That includes VG e-juice, 50/50 e-juice, and our nicotine salt e-liquids. Take a look at the entire selection and see it all for yourself.


Dessert Flavors

Next on the list of the best vape flavors we take a look at desserts. Dessert flavors are also wildly popular. Especially with cloud chasers! It’s true, dessert flavors are usually the best e-juice for clouds. Particularly with milder, high VG dessert flavors. The reason why is because dessert flavors, when done right, are very smooth. Smooth flavors are best for cloud chasing. But you don’t have to be a cloud chaser to enjoy dessert vaping flavors.

Many vapers like a sweet dessert vape for relaxing at home in the evening. Especially after dinner. A sweet treat can take many forms. be it a cake, doughnut, milkshake, pastry, or pie. And please, do not forget ice cream! The number of classic desserts that we love are plentiful. And guess what else? You will find your favorite dessert vaping flavors right here at Apollo.

Strawberry cream cannoli, peach cobbler, ice cream doughnut, and a whole lot more. Apollo’s selection of dessert vape flavors is a true dessert buffet. Choose from VG e-liquids, 50/50 juices, and salt nicotine e-liquids. We have a dessert vape for every style of vaping.


Tobacco Vape Flavors

Have you ever tried a gas station e-cig and found that the tobacco flavor tastes kind of like gym socks? We know the feeling. Tobacco flavor is difficult to mimic. In addition, there are many different types of tobaccos. For example, there is American tobacco, which is a medium strength flavor about halfway between dry and wet. The American western tobacco is stronger and dryer. The driest tobaccos are Turkish style. Virginia tobaccos are milder and even a little bit sweet. Then you have very bold tobaccos like a Cuban cigar.

We find that there are many flavors that compliment tobacco. Specifically, a caramel sweetener can bring out the best notes of a tobacco flavor. Or a peanut butter type flavor can enhance the earthiness of tobacco. That’s part of the beauty of vapor. The e-liquids can build on authentic flavors and brings out the aspects of each flavor that people most enjoy.

Apollo makes twelve different tobacco e-cig flavors. There are dry tobaccos, sweet tobaccos, nutty tobaccos, and more. Virtually every type of tobacco and a few with a twist!


Mint And Menthol Vape Flavors

Mint and menthol flavors are supposed to be cool. There is a generic flavor out there used by almost every e-liquid company and sold as a “mint” or “menthol”. The generic flavor does deliver that cool sensation. But mint and menthol vape flavors should be more than just cool. In fact, mint is not exactly like menthol. So there is nuance here and it is our job to capture that nuance and bring out the desired vaping experience.

In pursuit of nuance and authenticity, Apollo has developed several mint and menthol vape flavors. From minty candy cane to a fruit and menthol blend. Some are cooler that others. But all are rich in flavor. Find your perfect cool match!

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