Vape Pens vs Cigalikes: Choosing the Right Device for You


The tide against tobacco cigarettes seems to be turning with the rise of electronic cigarettes. As smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death worldwide, any blow to this habit is a victory for humanity. If you're a smoker contemplating a switch, it's time to explore vaping devices. With so many options available, let me guide you through the differences between vape pens, cigalikes, and more to help you make the right choice.


Understanding Vape Pens:

Vape pens occupy the middle ground in the vaping arena, offering a wide variety of options. They typically resemble thin, cylindrical pens. Unlike cigalikes, vape pens require users to fill the tank with e-liquid. By pressing a button, the battery activates the coil, which heats the e-liquid and transforms it into an inhalable aerosol. This experience closely resembles smoking but with a few differences.


Exploring Cigalikes:

Cigalikes function similarly to vape pens, using a battery to heat a coil and produce aerosol for inhalation. The key distinction is their design, which closely resembles traditional cigarettes. This similarity, combined with the same inhale technique as smoking, makes cigalikes an attractive option for those seeking a familiar experience while attempting to quit smoking.


Comparing Components:

Vape pens often consist of multiple separately sold vapor products, including a rechargeable battery, refillable tank, replaceable coils, and possibly a removable drip tip. In contrast, cigalikes, such as the Apollo Challenger Kit, usually have just two parts: the battery and pre-filled cartridge or "refill." This simplicity eliminates the need for tasks like filling tanks and mixing liquids, making cigalikes more convenient and user-friendly.


The Vaping Experience:

When considering the vaping experience, factors beyond inhaling aerosol come into play. The portability, spare part management, maintenance, and overall cost should be taken into account. Cigalikes work well with e-liquids that favor propylene glycol (PG), providing a satisfying throat hit. Vape pens, with their higher power and versatility, accommodate thicker high VG liquids, delivering a smooth inhale. Inhaling techniques also differ, with cigalikes offering a mouth-to-lung inhale, similar to smoking, and vape pens allowing for a direct-to-lung inhale.


Convenience Considerations:

In terms of convenience, cigalike-style devices, including small pod systems, take the lead. Their pre-filled cartridges eliminate the need for e-liquid refills, and the compact and robust design ensures easy transportation. Vape pens with refillable tanks require more time for refilling, carrying spare coils, and cleaning, which may result in potential leaks and increased maintenance.


Which is Better for Quitting Smoking?

Simplicity and stress-free operation are crucial for smokers trying to quit. Therefore, cigalike starter kits are the recommended choice due to their ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements. Vape pens offer more customization options but require additional care and attention. Complex systems like box mods can be time-consuming and potentially produce more harmful chemicals. Moreover, their larger size and the need to carry multiple parts make them less appealing to quitters.


Conclusion - Vape Pens vs Cigalikes:

To keep things simple and hassle-free during the quitting process, starting with a cigalike or closed pod system is highly recommended. Avoid the complexities of mixing liquids, filling tanks, and constant device maintenance. For adult smokers looking to quit, our amazing e-cigarette and vape starter kit deals are worth exploring. Choose the device that suits your background and offers the easiest transition towards a smoke-free life.


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